I'm looking to buy an old beat up guitar in bad condition to give a new lease of life. Possibly even a bass
Preferably a brand name eg Fender, Gibson ect.
Ill have a look at any age or condition guitar, paying cash or paypal.

Let me know by pm

Thanks a lot

It isn't in too bad condition, but I have a Dean Z Signature Series strat that could do with a small bit of TLC.

Switch is crackly and couple of the pickups cut out once in a while, a quick fix surely. Few dents, but none that break the paintwork. Ebony fretboard, straplocks fitted.

Looking for £200 posted, although can be negotiated. Pics in my sig thread.
Thanks for the post, but sorry ill have to pass purely because I'm looking for somthing in a lot worse condition.

Hope you find a home for it soon

I also have a relic'd parstcaster that needs a decent set up and possibly some electrics, and body wise, in in BAD BAD condition, £70 posted?