Will filing the nut (plastic) down have any long term consequences if I ever choose to use a smaller gauge sting again? I only ask because I'm upping from .36 to .42 on the 5th string and .46 to .52 on the 6th string and as I was restringing just now I would need to file out the nut to make it fit. Thanks.
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if you file too low.

if you file too wide,

if you don't leave a lift up to the board in the cut of the nut,

you could create string buzz you won't be able to get rid of.

if you get a wider gauge and can't fit the new string, file in an upward slant, up to the
board, and only file as much as needed.
even then, understand that going back to a thinner string, still might leave you wt buzz.

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