How do you come up with a good (Rock/Metal) band name? I'm not asking directly for band names, but how to come up with one.

Any ideas? Share them here in this thread
Theres already a band names thread D: use the search bar
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Its good to pick something that is original. Never insist on using something that sounds like its taken (example: Impaler, Downfall, or anything that starts in The)

North Korean Mothers of The Dead (See? No one will have that AND it sticks out.)
think of words.

then enter here.

then make your own out of the ideas they give you.

like i entered the word "wang"

and it came up with "stoked wang"
as well as
* Wang Out Blush
* Stoked Wang
* Mirror Of The Wang Purse
* Wang Wang
* Wang Fallout
* Wang Under Profanity
* Gloomy Wang
* Wang Vengeance
* Wang But Terrorist
* Horny Wang
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^ most of the results on there hardly ever make sense.
There are some good ones hidden in there. Idle November caught my eye as a cool band name.

My band just went by my real name for the longest time. Problem solved.
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