I have an idea for something to do for my school science project(it's big, so I want to get an early start) It is to make an innovative(at least I think it is) travel guitar design, and the best material to make it out of(in my opinion) would be carbon fibre. So my question is, how do I go about making a carbon fibre guitar? Also, what should I make the neck out of? I plan on using a string through TOM bridge, if that matters.
if its a travel guitar id make it light
are you looking for an acoustic or electric?
im assuming acoustic but idk

if its electric
id go with a poplar body
its light and cheap and sounds good too

just build the body and wrap in CF sheets

same process for acoustics
just look up how to build an acoustic
or buy a book
theres a book by kinkade i started using a few years back and it helped me through my first (ive built 6 now)

or if your talking molding CF into a guitar..good luck

you need vacuum pumps
auto claves
composite ovens
and composites
its alot to take in
im no pro at CF so i wont go into giving google knowledge
maybe someone else can help

id take the easy route and build and wrap GIYF
good luck building a cf guitar with the resources of a school
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The only knowledge I've got of Carbon Fibre is through F1, so I ain't gonna pretend I know anything. I am, however, going to attempt to bullshit my way through this, so hopefully there's a strand or two of remotely useful info amongst the verbal diarrhoea. Feel free to utterly ignore the next few lines
I've have a look at acrylic guitars to begin with, if you can find any - see how they feel to play, etc., and then try to find an all-wood version, and note the differences, and if they do anything differently with one to the other. At least a string-thru TOM bridge is going to be one of the more simplistic things you can do. Also, I'm pretty sure Carbon can conduct electricity, so you'd need to make sure everything's wired and insulated correctly, so you don't wind up with a completely live axe. A slightly iffy point, but if you have a cheap old guitar you really couldn't care about, try taking that apart as much as you can and then put it back together, that'll teach you a lot for techniques.
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you would make it the same way you would make one out of fiberglass. Just the CF material and the resin may differ.

Look up how to make sub boxes out of fiberglass. Or bathtubs, or door panels.
Look on youtube for fiberglass building of sub woofer boxes.

you need a plan
basically you will need a mold. positive or negative.

some way to release the mold (slide it off when the resin dries). Some use foil, duct tape, wax paper, gel coat (for boats/bathtubs/spas/cars)

You need some skills for shaping, thinking, and a little expierence works.
You build up layers to build strength.


check this page out. They are high up in recomended stuff for my other hobby which is cars.
Then come back and see if you still want to do the CF guitar.

Personally, I would do a fiberglass guitar, Oh and I am.

You can get fiberglass stuff at home depot, lowes, autopart stores.
It would be a cheaper way to teach you the skills needed to do this before blowing a budget on CF.

if you do go for this, your in for some real fun when you start laying up the pieces.
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Carbon fibre is overkill. Fiberglass is a more feasible option.

I have seen a thread in another forum where a guy builds a carbon fibre guitar, but I don't think I'm allowed to link to other forums. He does use a vacuum press, though, and since carbon fibre is really tough, he uses diamond-edged cutting tools or something. I don't think that's feasible, and it's probably too much for a science project.
You can link to other forums websites etc, you just cant advertise on their behalf.

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just going to add this- carbon fiber is extremely difficult to work with without special tools. its aweful stuff to breathe in also.

especially if its your first time, i wouldnt bother with it.

i tried making carbon fiber accents for my mustang, it came out alright but id probably never do it again.
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good luck building a cf guitar with the resources of a school

+1. VMD you can do that unless you go to the richest private school in the country. Even then...

I would agree with the idea of fibreglass for the body, but make the neck out of wood with a truss rod so that you don't kill it or anything. Trust me, it's totally not worth sinking loadsamoney into a school project. Especially if they give you a fucking U at the end of it

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I'd already made one of my guitars. I just bought 3 yards of CF and cut it to the shape of my acoustic. Had been thinking a lot about the CF design. You're gonna be needing a hot blower in order to heat up the CF for it to stick to the wood. These might take up a lot of time for you need to cut the CF in parts. Then,you will be needing a Top Coat for extra protection of the sheets, (for it my tear up or scratch). It's gonna be a good looking guitar I swear.
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