hey I've been really bored these past couple of days, and I figured I'd learn how to play a new song haha. Problem being I have no idea which one. Can anyone recommend me some?

The bands I love are Iron Maiden, Megadeth, AC/DC, Black Label Society, etc and I wouldn't mind some old Zakk Wylde songs :]
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Not knowing what songs you already know this may be an exercise in futility but I'd say go learn some songs off of Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. Can't go wrong with songs off of those albums. Children of the Sea, Die Young, Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Sign of the Southern Cross, Lonely is the Word, Falling off the the Edge of The World. Can't go wrong.
If your having block then branch out learn anything you would never normally, Led Zep, The Beatles, Nickleback, any random crap of the radio, RHCP I think you might be stuck in a rut because your stuck in Metal branch out itll teach you something new to bring to your metal playing.
^ +1

that`s how i learnt poker face by lady gaga `cos it was all over the radio and was annoying me so much that i just had to work it out....turns out it`s a fun song to play, but i still dislike it now it`s just a party piece.