I am planning to get an acoustic guitar for campfire/outside playing and singing and realy nothing else.
I need no pus electronics or other fancy stuff, all i want is an instrument that has good(not perfect) playability intonation and is somehow sturdy build (and loud).
Normaly i play bass guitar but i dont know if there are different sizes of fretboards on a guitars at all...
So something that aint to small and doesnt feel uncomfortable while sitting and can take a beating (i have a rather hard attack with the plek and it sometimes is a problem when playing an e-guitar) would be nice.

Dont want to sound like a lazy foul bastard but i simply dont have the time anymore to do the research from the scratch (and the risk of gas while reading up stuff).
Ah o well budget is somewhere around 300€ but the cheaper the better.

So far i know that western (?) would fit that better but thats about it.
Any hints that i dont need to test out everthing at the store? (and what to look out for)?

yamaha F310 my mate and my girlfriend both have them, and it's a very playable, great sounding and cheap but in a good way. an absolute bargain!
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I can recommend Takamine,one of G serie.You can get decent instrument in budget price.Got one myself.