I was offered a ESP LTD M-II for my Schecter A7 Elite and i wanted to know everyones feelings about this particular guitar

I thought the M-II was only an ESP but i suppose i was mistaken, and if it matters it has a Hum and a Slanted Single with an Ash body and Schaller floyd
There's no such thing as an ESP LTD M-II.

The M-II is a genuine ESP.

Who is this person offering it?
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i dont know where to look to find older LTD models, but there are ESPs with that shape and design you describe.


maybe its not a M II, but a LTD MV series cause i know those have the slanted neck humbucker (not sure about the schaller floyd tho)

sorry without someone with knowledge to verify if its a real ESP, its hard to say the value of the trade