I'm looking to buy a new guitar that's good for shredding and metal and i have found a used ibanez rg620 for around $300. I'm very interested in the RG series because it has all the specs that I'm looking for, except that the newer ones have the Edge 3 Tremolo which I've heard isn't too great. This one seems to be an older Made in Japan model with a different edge tremolo system. Does anyone know anything about this guitar? If so, can you tell me how the guitar is and if it's a good deal? Also, is it worth it to get a newer Ibanez RG over this, is the Edge 3 Tremolo really that bad? thanks!
The ibanez rg series is the comon guitars for most guitarists. There fairly good guitars for bigginers - intermediate and ibanez can be good for all types of music. Edge III tremlos are the most comon bridges on ibanez guitars and they arent that bad. People only say there bad because they havent played one for long or keep tuning there guitar in different tunings or dont know how to work with them. So if your getting a locking bridge, i suggest staying in one tuning and having the correct guage strings for it aswell or it will keep going out of tune. of course when you tune a guitar, you do have to fiddle around with it for a while until it stays but it can be all good. I checked out that guitar and it seems reasonable. Personally if youve been playing for like more than two years and are pretty good, get a better guitar such a bc rich, dean, or mayby a nice guitar with EMG 85, 81's . What ever you do is when ever your getting a locking bridge, never get licensed floyd rose, copied ones or anything like that. get the real deal such a the Original Floyd Rose .
Well, an used Ibanez will probably be a better deal than buying a new Ibanez near that price. From what I've heard of or seen, it isn't really that bad and the locking bridge isn't too hard to tune. (If you really want the floyd rose.. everything has it's pros and cons). And it is a MIJ Ibanez,which is a huge difference comparing to like Korea or Indonesia or China..
You'd need to go for a new prestige Ibanez to get a close match for that guitar. So..I'd go for it if I was you
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MIJ RGs = Affordable Heavenly axes if they're older models. Otherwise, they're just as good or better, just a tad expensive.

Check the serial code if you can and compare it here. It's most likely made in the Fujigen factory which is a serious plus. Avoid any budget newer ibanez if you're looking for a guitar you'll stick with for quite a long time.

First of all: By all means, get that RG620 asap. Trust me. And for the price, what a damned bargain. haha

Specs wise, it has the original Wizard neck which is a godsend, one of the first edges most likely which are amazing compared to the Edge III (I'd guess the newer Zero systems have most likely been improved way above the Edge, but for the price...) and the Quantum pickups: I've personally dealt with them and although I'd prefer Dimarzio... I wouldn't bother changing them if I'm low on my budget because they're pretty good. Balanced sound for any genre, nice harmonic response, sustain and attack. They're certainly underrated and way above IBZ, V# and other useless pickups Ibanez puts into many models. Remember old RGs were the non-adorned version to the JEM counterparts. They played and sound just as equal to the JEMs, just no "special" inlays, lion's claw below the tremolo or monkey handle by the upper horn. Good ol' days I'd say.
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