Some time in January I bought a DD-3 and it's been great. However, the last time I turned it on the LED lit up but I had no delays sound coming from the amp. Guitar yes, just no delay. I tried random settings to see if I could jog it back to health but nothing.

Now I bought this secondhand, so there's no waranty I can fall back on, and I'm just wondering if I could do something to fix this problem. I don't have any electrical knowledge, so a schematic wouldn't really help me out.
Leave it alone for a bit. Try batteries as opposed to a power adapter or vice versa. Try a different signal chain combination if you can.

I've had the occasional glitch with my newer DD7. It almost always tends to be weird stuff like that that fixes it.
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It's on my board, and I always have the input cable plugged in, preventing any possible confusion. The first time it did this was last week, and I returned to it yesterday - I imagine that's time enough. I will say it's generally powered by the board, so I may try batteries, but it isn't looking so good...thanks for the replies, guys.