how much money would it be for me 2 buy a $200 dollar stratocaster and completely rebuild and customize it with new paint and pickups. Also would it be worth it instead of buying a $999 actual fender strat
what tools other than screwdrivers alan keys wrenches airbrushes and pro painting tools would i need...i have all those
You could be better off looking at the Fender Mexican Strats at about $500 which would be a much better base for modifying, come in a range of pickup/finish/wood options and really quite nice guitars for the price.

Pickups can range anywhere from $120ish for a set up to.... well.... however much you want to spend tbh.

Im not sure about prices for refinishing over in the states if you wanted a pro to do it but a lot of guys on here have had very good results with basic supplies such as spray cans and wood dyes.

EDIT: With regards to tools, all you would really need in addition to those would be a soldering iron with a fairly small tip and some solder
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Soldering iron to wire the pickups unless you buy a prewired pickguard for the strat, other than that i can't think of much but speaking of strats i'm selling mine looking for a $100, it's a standard series squier strat that i paid $250 for, I'm selling it cause my 2 favorite guitars (see sig) and i'm custom making one soon so i have no use for it.
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if you have $1000 to spend, just build your own strat through warmoth or something.

ive played a few warmoth strats, and i thought they were much better than an American strat and were built under $1000.

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