Not sure if anyone has done it before but recently i used an old car speaker as a cab. By car speaker i mean a speaker box and yes i know im too chep to buy a real cab. So i was just wondering if it was a good idea to do that and if it is possible to connect 2 speaker boxes to one amp. I know someone is gonna ask it,my amp i connect the speaker box to is a line 6 spider IV(4) 15 watt, it has a 75 watt max .
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The Spider does not have a speaker output as far as I know.

If it did, you could do that as long as you had matching Ohms and the wattage of the speaker was greater than or equal to what the Spider put out (15w).

Otherwise, it's not worth the time nor trouble nor effort to do. The Spider will not sound any better through your car speakers than it would through its own.
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i can just see some kid with like an old mazda with a spider IV drivin around playing out of car speakers.
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I was looking into it a little more and i figured out that you could take the ground and the power wires, connect a wire to each of them and then connect it to the speaker. I'm not exactly sure if it will work and i really don't want to destroy anything. Also the only reason i'm really doing it is for the loudness. I'm not sure if that would work but like Raijouta said wouldn't it sound quality be the same?
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This will work - you need to make sure the overall impedance of the car cab speaker(s) is the same as the Spider outputs. Wire up the speaker(s) observing polarity.

Is this a car sub box - are the speaker(s) subwoofers? If so, I can't see it sounding too good.
Daviec thanks for you help and they are not sub woofers from what i know, just something my friend made a while ago and gave me to me. He just put some speakers he had lying around and put them in. I'll do them and let you guys know how it worked, possibly some pictures.

thanks for you help, i appreciate it. Also was this the right fourm to post this in?
Why try my hardest, i can kick your ass anyways.