I want a 6 string bass, mainly for playing Dream Theater stuff. Now, as this will be my first bass ever(finally after playing 7 years of guitar), I just want a somewhat budget 6 stringer. Which means, absolutely nothing above $500, as this is basically all i have. And with that, i won't an amp for awhile, but i could borrow my brothers as he plays very little lately.
I was looking at either: http://www.rondomusic.com/z6natzebra.html or http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-D6-6String-Bass-Guitar?sku=516176 or http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-B206-6String-Bass-Guitar?sku=513745. Which do you think i should get?
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dunno about the ESPs but i've played Brice basses and they're sick for the price. Schecter i think sells some cheaper six strings too
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Are you willing to go used? There isn't a ton of selection when it comes to 6-er's on a budget, but going used could expand your options a little bit. If you looked hard enough, you might be able to find a Schecter, or a used Ibanez SR506 or Spector Legend 6 for around $500
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schectors will be a little out of the budget starting at around 600. The ESP are damn fine from what I gather, and the b 206 still calls out to me with gas attacks some nights.
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