I'm gonna be buying my first cab soon. I'm looking to spend around $500. I'm gonna be playing metal. I've heard good things about avatar cabs and I can get one with v30s or whatever other speaker I want for around 500. I also found a guy selling a Mesa boogie 4x12 on craigslist for 500 as well. So I'm kind of split on what to do. So anyone with experience on either would be very helpful.
What head would you be running through it?
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Awww, that tiny wittle head looks adorable on that cab..

*Krank amp turns on*

Mesa has quality construction, and on a budget like that you might have a hard time getting a 4x12 so I'd say jump on the Mesa. Obviously, you should probably ask if you can play through the cab before you buy it.
4x12's tend to add more bass response, but they don't add as much volume as people think. Yes it will be louder, but not twice as loud as some believe, only just a little bit louder.
If you're living in an apartment and have to go up stairs or something you may want to consider a 2x12 to save your back, but you may also not care about that.

And like he said, what head would you be running it through, and are you gigging?
Right now just using as an extension for my 6505+ 112 combo. When I get a head tho I've thought of 6505, 3120, tsl, switchblade to name a few.