I purchased a Boss NS-2 (Noise Suppressor) about a year ago and it was working fine. Out of the blue it seems to have broken down. When I plug in, the light becomes dimly lit and that doesn't change, even if the pedal is tapped. I changed the battery to see if it was a power issue. That didn't fix it. I also hooked it up to a proper power supply. That also did not work.

Does anyone know how to fix this or what's going on with the pedal?
Sounds like it could be a circuit issue which is most likely not worth trying to fix unless you have extensive knowledge in circuits. Boss have a pretty good warranty period I suggest calling them or the dealer where you bought it and getting an exchange. You say the light is dimly lit, what about the actual guitar signal, is it getting through?
No, it's essentially a dead pedal. You're probably right about the circuits. Thank you I'll check on the warranty.
BOSS has 5 year warranty, They should fix your pedal no questions asked..
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