Lying by the bathroom door, listening
to the sounds of the pipes,
in the floor, in the wall, in me,
broiling and bubbling away.

If I say something nicely, something intimate.
It's just as explicit,
as if we had ****ed,
because it came out of me,
into you,
but if felt bad,
for you,
maybe not for me.

It's not so good in here, we're buzzing,
disharmoniously, anyway.
But hopefully, we'll be back
another day.

1st ever post here. Was just an idea that popped into my head while I was doing what the first line says. I skimmed through the rules, hope I didn't do anything stupid. This is just a fairly rythmless part of a progressive song I might be working on.
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I really like this piece it's pretty deep buddy. I know how you feel about sitting in silence even though silence is always corrupted.

I enjoyed the second verse very much. I really like the comparision about between you saying something intimate to you ****in someone. I can relate to how that would feel.

If you know how to put music to lyrics this will be a pretty good proggressive piece!

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