well, i have this acoustic guitar and the b string either tunes to the b note you play on the 5th string or tunes to make the 5th for a G chord.

basically, when you tune it, you can either play only E chords that sound right or G chords that sound right, not both because one of them will sound like "booooow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow"

the action gets a little high near the 12th fret as well so that means i need to adjust the truss rod right? because i've changed the strings thinking they were just too old to go in tune right, but that wasnt the problem.

please help
Take it to a guitar tech for a setup. It will cost you a bit of money, but it will fix your intonation problems.

It's best to let a professional deal with a truss rod, especially if your not exactly sure what your doing.

It's better to pay $40-60 now, than have a broken truss rod.
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thanks, yeah i really wouldnt wanna ruin this thing

ya dude, he might even let you watch him work on it. If he does ask him lots of questions about what he's doing and maybe you'll be able to do it yourself next time ( although, he might just tell you to piss off)
"Swords, nature's hell sticks."- Trip Fisk
The intonation on the B string is off for lots of guitars. It can't always be sorted out with a set-up. Was your guitar inexpensive?