So, I've been looking for a semi-hollowbody bass(I just love the look and sound of them) to upgrade to, and I saw an Ibanez artcore bass the other day in a store and really just loved the look of it. I was just passing through so I didn't have a chance to sit down and play one, but I figured I'd get opinions. Have any of you guys had a chance to play them? How's the action, the sound, build, all the relevant stuff?
They are very nice basses and honestly, one of my favourite semi-hollow bodies. Great tone, very playable. Action is low but easily adjusted if higher is more your ilk.

smb owns one. If he doesn't post in this thread, you may want to PM him for more info.
As long as the action isn't so low it's causing me fret buzzing, the lower the better for me. How's the neck?
I set up and test these guitars all the time and can assure you that the artcore line are really well built, have a nice sound and the playability is great.
i have got the black artb100 , its really nice, not to heavy, really nice to play. the neck is quite short i like it but will depend on you. if you get another chance i would try one.
I love mine to bits. It gets played more than all my other gear put together. I bought it in 2006 and I'm still not bored of it, and I'm extremely fickle. I really wanted a P-bass at the time but all the Ps in the shop were junk so I decided to try anything else they had to offer. With the Artcore it was love. The sound isn't really that much like a hollow instrument, more like a more rounded P (note I've only played the AGB140 model, the one pickup singlecut full scale) and it doesn't feedback unless you're using tons of distortion and volume, basically the point at which a solid instrument would. It's not the world's most versatile instrument and the tone control is basically useless on mine (and there's no way I'm soldering a new cap in through the F hole) but if you love the one sound it does, well you'll always be happy when you pick it up.

Dunno what else to say, I guess I could borrow a friend's Boss recording thingy and record some clips if you want but I suggest you just try it for yourself.