How's it going guys? My last piece didn't recieve any feedback so I figure I'd post another. I'm still working on a theme of Ocean/desperation and feedback on my writing would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Rock bottom again, and it’s familiar
Sympathy’s a myth when you’re the killer
This beacon cast memories of the shorelines
But these jaws hint at future flat line

Faith was my mistake

Anglerfish presents illumination
Lets the soul envision the light
Naive never have vision
Now open your eyes,
You’ll see better that way

Your lantern serves guidance
And as puppet I serve master
Pull the strings harder now
Tyrant, feast with laughter

Anglerfish absents illumination
Have faith in fear because
Naive never listen
And close your mouth,
For your ears have much to learn
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Thrustor: 2012