I've been planning on a buying a Schecter guitar for quite some time now (not exactly sure which, something in the $5-600 range) but I just found this: http://boise.craigslist.org/msg/1848730229.html for sale in my town. Would this guitar be worth buying instead of a decent Schecter? I love Schecters, but $275 would be a lot more affordable for me.
there going to be alot different.. ibanez uses toothpicks for necks
depends upon you're own opinion.
if you can, see if the guy will let you try it out. if you like it, go for it.
if you really want a schecter save up for it
i personally like ibanez guitars but im not you
try it out first
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Ibanez Rg series are a love-hate type guitar. Either you love them or you hate them. Go try a RG series out and see if you like. You can find a Ibanez RG of some type in pretty much any music store.
Realize their necks are thin as can be, and Schecters (Most of them) have pretty thick necks, which I personally like a LOT better than thin necks.
I would go with the schecter.

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if you really want a certian guitar,save up and get it.you will be happier.i recently purchased a gibson les paul standard,was costly,ost people thought i did not need one,but it was something ive wanted for years.ive had it for 3 months,and i a completely thrilled with it,best purchase i have eer made.
Personal tastes should decide in the end, but as mentioned the Ibanez will have a thinner neck (the Wizard neck is very nice in my opinion but everyone has their own) compared to the Schecter. In any case, the only electric I own is an RG at the moment and I have had plenty of time on it, and can say that the Edge III should not be a turnoff like many would say. It is not *quite* as good as an Original Floyd Rose from my testing, and the trem arm has a bit of play, but it is solid, holds tuning well, and causes me no headaches, which is more than can be said for many items.

Schecters are very solid as well, but considering you would be paying 2x the price, I think the RG is at least worth a try to see if you like the features it offers. As has been said, it is often a love or hate relationship, I just happen to be on the love side.

Good luck either way, I'm sure you will find something you are happy with.
I'd say the RG would definitely be better, but it's hard for me cause that guitar is super ugly. I think i'd rather have on in just about any other color scheme
Unless you have a lot of redneck friends it’s going to be really hard to play a digital camo printed guitar in front of other people and not be laughed at.

I usually see them a bit cheaper here, but that's a decent price. I absolutely love mine, I've had it for 5 years and haven't felt the need for another guitar... except maybe something with a whammy. The classics have a pretty thin neck. Not quite Ibanez thin but thinner than a Gibson or a Schecter Tempest.
I have a huge fear if rays.
I like my Ibanez I would go for it seems like a pretty good price.
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