Just a quick video i wanted to put up. Sorry for the crappy quality and some mistakes i made but i will be getting a bigger SD card soon so i can put some videos up in HD. This is honestly one of my favorite songs to play and to listen to. Dave Mustaine's vocals are phenomenal. I will be re-uploading this song sometime soon when I get the bigger SD card and when I learn the final solo; I just improvised in this video. Anyways hope u guys enjoy and please leave some comments and subscribe if you would please
First thing I'd like to suggest is, forget about recording with a webcam. Search the forums on what you need to record properly (ie: audio interface, Amp sim software, DAWs...ect), because no matter how well you play the song, which you do play it pretty well, it sound horrible and very few people will want to sit through the whole recording. You're not giving yourself a fair chance if you're gonna put out a recording like this.

Another suggestion is try to get yourself a backing track of the song you're covering. Playing along with the actual song is gonna muddy everything up.

Check out this recording I made of Megadeth's Holy Wars.

It's a good example of what I just suggested. I use nothing but a Tascam audio interface to connect my guitar to my PC. Once that's done, all I use is software.
Cubase for my DAW, Shredsuite for my amp sim. EZDrummer for my drums and Broomstick bass for the bass. You can get pretty good quality recordings with just software and knowhow.

Hope you enjoy it and leave a comment if you can.

If you have any questions, shoot.
Before I reply to you I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time to respond with a thorough post.

Now then, I did not record it with a webcam, it was a Video camera on the economy setting because i dont have a big enough memory card in there to record anything over a minute in HD, that deals with the video. For my family, we have 1 computer and I am barely on it because of the womens FB obsession. So i usually go on maybe 3 times a week cuz i have my ipod to surf the web. And they've also contracted many viruses leaving my 140 GB HDD down to 10 GB. So i do not know how much memory those programs will take up. But the backing track i was going to put directly on my ipod and play through that, if i have to stick with the method i am currently using. But could you give me links and what not to the software so i could check it out sumtime and if theres any thing that I need to buy at a guitar shop just post links to that if you wouldnt mind and i will check em out aswell.

But on a final note, thank you once again for taking the time to help me out.