before now, I could come up with a ton of riffs but never build on them or fit them in the right spot. I could always come up with an intro but never a verse or chorus, and vice versa. But now over the span of three days, today is the first I have picked up my guitar, and after feeling really inspired and excited to write songs, nothing comes to me. I feel like whatever I play is really boring and unoriginal. It seems like because of this, my songs have a really bad and boring song structure (if you listen to "spite keeps them silent" on my profile, you'll know what i mean) I like to come up with music on my own that is sounds original and very surprising at times, but I can never seem to do it. Whatever I usually come up with sounds a lot like what I'm really into at the time (band wise), and it's repetitive. Does this ever happen to anyone else, and what should I do?
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Look up one of your favorite bands on youtube and jam with their songs for a bit. Usually works for me when I get stuck in that. Either I do that or work on some covers for a bit
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