Hey guys, i need some help, i have a 2002 Jackson Dinky with a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo, which is great, but its floating so it's a load of bullshit to tune to different tunings. This would be great, but i wanna play some COB and Dethklok, which is not standard tuning... assholes, so i wanna block it off. I've considered the whole Eddie Van Halen Quarter idea, but it's got a beautiful top wood and i really dont want to do it so is there any other way i could possible block it off. thanks!
Do you want to completely block it? Or just block it so you can't raise it, only do dive bombs?
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You could put it in D standerd then just set up your Low E fine tuner so when you need to drop to Drop C you can just do it with your fine tuner.
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