I didn't really know where to put this so its in here.

I need to get some good studio headphones for the course I'm doing at Uni. The tutor recommended Sennheiser HD 202's, but he said if I were to go further they wouldnt be good for long.

So I have had a look, I want to stick to the Sennheiser HD range. I just dont know which ones to get. The 3 I am debating over are the HD 515's, HD 555's and HD 595's.

Could you please help me out?? I am pretty darn keen on the HD 595's but are the other ones better? Im just not sure.
I use Shure 750DJ's They cover your ears completely and are quite comfy to wear, not to mention the sound it emits is beautiful.

Edit: The one you're looking at is quite fine too.