So I just started attempting to learn theory on my own, along with some scales and what not. So far Ive been practicing the F major scale, going slow to memorize it and also pushing myself speed wise to play it cleanly. Basically Im looking for a little direction as to where I should go after that, should I learn the other keys of the major scale or move to the modes from the major scale.

P.S. been playing about 2 years now.
A really good book for you to get would be "Fretboard Logic", specifically volumes 1 and 2, but if you get through those two you'll want to read the last one too. The last book is more general music theory whereas the first two are guitar-specific music theory. Very informative books break down the patterns that repeat all over the guitar in the shapes of chords, scales, and arpeggios.

A good concurrent study would be "Rock Guitar Secrets" by Peter Fischer - more guitar specific theory, but more of an emphasis on different techniques here.
Mk, I forgot to mention that I have the Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes/Practice books, I will check out those though.
I own that book too; it is also very useful.

However, it'd be helpful if you think of the Fretboard Logic material as the framework that houses all the scales and modes you are learning.