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American special strat
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American standard strat
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Mexican road worn '60's strat
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Voters: 5.
Looking to buy either the am. special or standard. I have a '50's road worn and love it but I want an American in the collection as well. Can anybody give me a breakdown on all the differences (other than price), in addition to personal experiences? Would it be worth the like $200 more for the standard? Or maybe I should just get a '60's road worn now ha. Any help would be appreciated.
Special vs Standard:
  • The Special has very slightly larger fretwire with basic bevelled edges. The frets of the Standard have rounded edges.
  • The Special has the classic 6-screw bridge while the Standard has a modern 2-stud design.
  • The Standard uses staggered tuners; the Special uses regular tuners and string trees.
  • The Standard has a large bridge sustain block.
  • The Standard has a thinner finish on the body; the back of the neck has a satin finish and the front of the headstock has a gloss finish. The Special's neck has an entirely satin finish.
  • The Special has Texas Special pickups, which are a little higher output and brighter than the Standard's pickups.
  • The Special's tone controls don't muddy up the tone quite as much when they're rolled right down. The Standard's tone controls can be clicked out of the circuit entirely.
  • The Special is made using basically the same parts as the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player range; they're simply assembled a further north. The Standard uses higher quality woods and all the parts are machined and assembled in America.

The Road Worn series are MIM guitars with a relic finish; nothing more. The Am Specials are a slight step-up from the Road Worns, althoguh I would argue that the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player series give you more features and the same quality for less than the Special. The Am Standard is a significant step-up from the Special in terms of the basic build quality, however the Am Deluxe isn't much more than the Am Standard is and yet offers a huge step-up from the Am Standard.

To that end, I would advise anyone to stick to MIM Deluxe and Classic Player models until they can get an Am Deluxe; the Special is rendered pointless by the MIM Deluxe and Classic Player guiatrs and the Am Standard is rendered pointless by the Am Deluxe.
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