I recent bought a new electric guitar and it has only been 2 weeks old. However, last week, I notice that the low E string is starting to buzz more and more. It only buzz when being fretted from the 1st to 9th fret. The buzz seems to be a lot lighter starting from 10th fret onwards. It doesn't buzz when played on open string. The other strings also don't buzz except this low E string.

What is wrong with it?
can you adjust the height of the strings on the guitar seperately?
if you can that one is probably low or you have warped neck
The guitar might have thin strings on it, like 9s for example. You could try thicker strings, or raise the action for the side of the bridge slightly. Unless your guitar neck has a hump in it, in which case you need to adjust the truss rod.
Yeah, raise the action. But be careful not to overdo it! Also, don't forget to loosen the strings a bit first. I once popped a band new set cause i wasn't paying attention
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I didn't adjusted the truss rod before at all. The low E string was ok during the first few days after I bought the guitar but recently it seems to buzz more vigorously.

If I raise just the low E string side of the bridge to increase the action a little bit, would a slightly slanted bridge cause any issues?
^ Action is really about what's comfortable to you and your playing style, raising a bit will be fine, I did so to mine on one side last week for a persistent buzz which was coming through the amp. Remember, guitars can buzz a bit when unplugged, but if it doesn't come through the amp that's fine. Also remember to check your intonation after adjusting.