Hi guys I don't know that much when it comes to pickups so I need your help

Basically I have a fender toronado deluxe with an alder body(if that's relevant info) and I'd like to upgrade it with better pickups

I want a 90s rock sound (smashing pumpkins,Pearl jam, Nirvana) , some QOTSA tones would be nice too but I would like nice and warm cleans aswell
I'd like them to be coil splittable so I could play some funky RHCP and hendrix stuff

And I guess they have to be F-spaced or trembuckers (whatever you call it)

some help would be appreciated
erm okay, let me rephrase that .... ANY help would be appreciated :d

I decided to go with the DiMarzio Air norton in the neck

but for the bridge I have 3 options: the Dimarzio Super distortion, Tone zone or air zone

any input would be nice
What amp?
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What do you find lacking about the tone right now? What are you hoping to achieve with a pickup change?

I find my pickups to be a bit too bright
the neck pickup doesn't have enough punch for my liking (especially when playing clean or crunchy)
and when using distortion the bridge pickup is too sharp and too thin

I would like a more bulky tone,bit more bass ( but not hi gain metal, more like grunge and Rock)
coil tap would be great aswell, so I could still have that single coil sound which is always nice to have on a fender.

(perhaps duncans; tb 11 or 5 in the bridge would be better?)
well by punch I mean like a fat sound , a bit like jimi hendrix perhaps, you know when you hit that E string hard you can feel the bass

a bit like this perhaps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLp9NQd_uNQ (starts at 2:00)
although it's not a perfect example since it's single coil, but just to make it clear, I don't mind a more humbucker sound, but that's why I want coil split aswell
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I'm thinking something with Alnico V...

Look at the Seymour Duncan SH-1n '59. It's got a nice snap to it that I think you'll like. Make sure to get the four conductor version.

And for the record, I like parallel wiring more than a coil split. The tone gets brighter, it cleans up, it gets single-coil-esque, but it's still hum cancelling.
one more thing though, will the sh-1 fit the fender string spacing ? Or perhaps it's not a big deal with the neck pickup
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