Hello, I'm looking into buying a new guitar. I have been playing roughly for around 1 1/2 years. I'm currently in a band with my school mates and in a few months we'll actually be able to jam. The thing is, we're going to be playing around with tunings alot and I'm wondering if I should just get a guitar with a tune-o-matic or something along those lines, considering that it would be a pain in the neck to switch tunings on the floyd rose (from what I've read).

What are your personal opinions on floyd roses? worth the extra money and the trouble? any major flaws in getting one?

Will be glad to hear your opinions.
They are worth it if you can play in one tuning. maintaining it can be a pain unless you know what youre doing. String changes are NOT quick so gigging have a back up guitar, if you want to change tunings a lot buy a couple with them or just get a solid bridge.
If you are sure that you will change between tunings a lot, you have two options:

1) Buying a Floyd, blocking it when you need to change tuning.

2) Not buying the Floyd.

I've got two guitars, one with Floyd, one without one and trust me, you do NOT wanna switch a tuning with a Floyd. Takes forever and you might mess with intonation if you do some serious detuning.
Solid Bridge.
I would love my Epiphone Explorer Gothic 1958 more if it had a Tuneomatic,
like everyone else's.

I hate having a rare guitar.
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Riteo I have concluded that I will get a solid bridge.

Thanks for your help!

Good choice.
It really depends on the bridge. You can get a tremel-no for those alternate tunings. Some newer Ibanezes with the ZPS3 make changing tunings very easy. Almost as easy as a fixed bridge. You just have to unlock the nut, turn a knob, and tune, and lock the nut again. It literally takes 20 seconds longer to tune than a fixed bridge. There are plenty of options these days that will let you use a trem and let you easily change tunings.
pros: cool effects, they make some guitars look great, stick to one tuning and you have versatility you can play song with fr effects and without, ups resale value, if you break a wound string you can just take off the unwounded bit and put it back in till you can fix it. great tuning stability with a good fr. fine tuners

Cons: breaks strings faster if you use it a lot. can make a guitar cost more a hardtail cousin. for other people they are a bitch to set up, but i enjoy to set up a floyd gives some time to just sit down put on some music and set it up to YOUR prefences. near impossible to change tunings. MOST IMPORTANT BAD FR's WILL DIE ON YOU AND YOU NEED TO BUY A NEW ONE

good fr's:jackson, gotoh, the orginal, high end ibanez copys, schaller.

BAD FR's: lower-mid end ibanezs, esp's, bcrich's.

PURE EVIL: EDGE III, washburn's
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