That was really freakin' good. There are spots where the vocal line is a bit uneven, and it feels like the vocalist kinda has to catch up with the band in a few places, but its an online collab, what'cha gonna do? Once again, really freakin' good.

Loved it! Another great cover by this online band, your guys are awesome
Keep the good work
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that was really impressive - queen is a hard one to tackle. ****ing loved the piano.
everything was done REALLY well, i loved it.
That was awesome! You guys are all great musicians.

Your lead was great. It had a great Brain May feel to it. Your playing was clean and really tight. You looked like you were having a lot of fun. Great job, man!

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I really enjoyed that cover. The singer has some serious chops. Good job!
Another awesome cover man I knew you guys could nail a queen song. I can't say enough about the singer really great voice and some serious range. It seemed a little rushed like he barely got the words in a few times but still great none the less. Nice guitar playing too I liked the solo and just overall really solid playing. One thing I would add is an over dub of your guitar playing rhythm when you played the solo especially at the end of the solo you could really tell something dropped out. Great job though man I look forward to hearing more, take a look at my new cover if you don't mind.

Awesome cover, man! Really digged the vocals, got a really great feel to it. Really enjoyed listening to the cover, and the lead work was cool, you really got it into the song with an awesome feeling, very Brian May-ish! The piano was flawless, and the drum and bass made a real solid foundation in the song. All in all very great performance, looking forward to more covers!
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Amazing! Nobody can ever beat Freddie Mercury, but that certainly is the best Queen cover I've ever heard. Being an online band just makes it that much more incredible.