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After a killswitch on my TC Ellis series 2. It's essentially a LP. I was thinking of putting one in place of the tone pot on my rhythm pickup as that sees little use and saves (I hope) having to drill a new hole.

Basic questions are: how hard is this to do? Is it worth just having my tech do it? How much would it cost to do myself/via tech?

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theres these things called Killpots by Shadow I think, they are a killswitch that still lets you use it as a tone/volume pot. They're like $40 I think.
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can you rewire a push/pull pot so it acts as a killswitch and a tone pot?

yes, but it would be more like an on/off switch than a killswitch.
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as far as your question, i would just wire a seperate switch. i burn through pots too much to spend $40 on a killpot.
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IMO, I like having a more "on/off" type switch, as you can use it for kill switching or just for muting if you don't want to risk noise but don't want to shut off your amp or unplug.

EDIT: On a side note, something that may work for what I just said would be a switch that is latching in one way and momentary in another. If anyone has heard of such a switch, I would love to know


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