Hi all,

One one of my guitars, when I bend a string, the strings above it get pushed up by the finger I'm bending with. Makes sense... feels good.

However, I have another guitar with lower action and when I bend, because the strings are so low, they don't get pushed up by the tip of my bending finger, but kind of fall behind it and get pushed along the frets, resulting in unwanted noise.

That's kind of difficult to explain but I'm hoping most people will know what I'm on about.

Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with this? Shall I raise the action a little? Or is there a certain technique for bending strings on guitars with lower action?

Thanks in advance.
If u hear unwanted noise when ur bending u need to mute other strings (i do it with my right hand). Generally if ur playing electric guitar u need to mute every string which ur not playing, then ur playing clean.