As the title says... its my latest songs... two songs that actually written quite a while ago...

both songs can be found in my http://www.myspace.com/shidimusic

The first song is titled Dying Days... this project is still in DEMO status as Im not going to settle with the vocal(Im looking for a suitable vocalist that are willing to sing this song for me)...

the second song is a piece that I wrote last year and just got the chance to upload it now.... the song is called Losing You

comments are very much appreciated.. and C4C are welcome...

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Dying Days:
Wow. This isn't really my style, but this song is great! I love the piano parts, it really adds a lot to the mix. As far as the vocals go, I wouldn't change a thing! You've got a really great voice. The lows at some point aren't that great, but everything else is fine. I love the lead guitar in this song, very reminiscent of Steve Vai, the tone is great too.


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Dying Days:

Good melody! I like the minimalistic use of the instruments. The first solo is good, but it could've been technically better. I didn't like the outro solo. It was quite sloppy and the "shredding" didn't fit the song at all. Also, try to be more aware of what notes you choose, it'll make it more interesting!

Overall it was a good listen. Production was OK. (:

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nice touch on the composition... Im not a singer... but I think its quite good....

the solo is pretty awesome.. I love it man!
Dying Days

Wow, Dying Days caught me completely by suprise. I believe the band Killswitch Engage has a song titled Dying Days, so I expected some screaming haha.

I really like the feel of the song, the guitar creates this really dreamy atmosphere. Solos are fantastic, they really fit the song, and are varied/technical enough to keep me interested.

I would recommend maybe a louder bass though? I can tell it's there, it's just hard for me to distinguish it.

Losing You

Also good. It sounds like it'd be a pretty awesome intro to a song with a faster pace. Sounds like you really know your way around a guitar.

All in all, I would certainly listen to your music if it were on the radio, on my computer, etc.
Ofc C4C as I promised:

Dying Days:

Duuuude! High class, really! Mixed perfectly. I felt dreamy while listening to it and made me feel calm and that's something i find valuable in a song. It touches. Amazing add is the great singing and the solo delivers. I love how it fades out makes you want more

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    First Indie/rock song with a waltz beat from Malaysia I've ever heard! Most of your singing is actually pretty good, it just gets a little pitchy at times. Maybe pitch correction could help. Vocal melody is good. Instrumentally it's pretty good. It has a certain quirkiness that is likable. Lead guitar is good. Audio quality is good. Pretty good overall! Please review my music at this link (no one from Malaysia has commented on my tunes before):

    arite... the thing is Im not actually a singer at all... I cant sing simply said... that is why I need someone else to sing "Dying Days" for me...

    if you any of you guys are interested to sing.. do tell me yeah...
    Sorry it took me so long to comment on this but better late than never.

    Your singing is not actually that bad on Dying Days, not great, but definitely not bad at all. Cool, relaxing vibe, solos keep it from getting too repetitive. Nice job.
    Losing You
    I like the improv and it's in my style of music, however. You should brush up on your scales a bit. The chords are very nice, I had no problem with the chords at all. The other thing in the solo is that it is pretty repetitive, which could be intentional, but the same ideas are mostly repeated throughout the song. That's coming from a person brought up to play jazz though, so.

    Overall I really think this song would be great if you didn't stray from the key, it's very dramatic and it doesn't need but could use fancy guitar work.

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    Sorry it took me so long to post:

    I love "Dying Days". Very cool, almost-but-not-quite-laid-back style, and I love the melodic focus of your guitar playing. I really have nothing bad to say about either song, good, solid stuff all around. Easily my favorite thing I've heard on UG for a while.

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    Dying days is excellent. Very well played, nice lead work. The only thing that really needs work is the vocal lacks commitment but you mentioned wanting to work on that anyway. Also I might bring the drums up just a tad in the mix. Good work though.
    Reviewing as I listen:
    Dying Days: Nice intro, don't quite know what it is. But it dragged me in. Oh wow, totally surprised. Very very nice piano work. The vocals are really nice too man, this is such a "syrupy" song, if you don't mind that. Everything works with this song. The lead work was really really nice. Good job with this one!

    Losing You: I like the guitar work here, there's a bit of a mixing problem. The guitar-layering(?) is well done. Oh wait hang on, I think that's your voice. If it is, good job bro! Well done!

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    Thanks for checking my song man and yes all my instruments were real haha except for the short organ solo. I really liked your song Dying Days, it's moody and soulful. Good guitar work also. Losing You is cool too, just lacking the feel Dying Days has.
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    wow.. Dying Days... such a beautiful song u got there... I got no complaints on this song.... and u did state that ur still looking for a replacement for the vocal... well.. I think ur voice is fine.. just need to do it very well....

    Losing you is also a great piece.. but got some noise on this recording... might want to check that out too...