I record my guitar on the sound recording feature on my camera then convert it to Mp3 at the moment and want a way to record to my laptop which will end up with better sound quality. Any ideas on what I can do?
Sound card designed for recording (internal or external) like Line 6 POD or M-Box or a USB mic (the guitar hero mic is resonable and i use it for all my recordings but it isnt the best quality but that could just be my bad set up and bad computer)
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check out http://soundcloud.com/

RiffWorks is good for collaborating with other people.

As said above you'll need an audio interface - I use an M-Audio Fast Track USB - only cost me about $90 and it's been great. You plug the guitar straight into the interface with a normal guitar lead, and they usually come with some amp modelling programs for the computer, so you won't need to mic an amp.

You'll also need a program for recording and mixing - I'd recommend Reaper - it's free, cheap to buy the licence when you get a bit more serious, and it's very very flexible - the routing options are limitless and I've found it can be easier to get to know than some of the more popular DAW's such as Cubase and Pro Tools.

If you have an iPod there are some apps for that now that let you record in high quality, one of the devices is on the Sonoma Wire Works site i posted above.

If you want reaper, get it here: http://www.cockos.com/reaper/
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whats your budget?
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