Ok guys, I am looking for an amp but i was wondering... Let's say you want to play metal but with shivering cleans for an intro/bridge/etc

What would be the best to do?
1) Buy a high gain amp like the 5150 everyone here seems to adore;; and use pedals on the clean channel to get nicer sounds? (i dont think this will work :p)
2) Buy a nice clean amp (prolly fender?) and use a distortion (Hm-2/rat/??) pedal to get that heavy sound? (this way, you probably never use the gain channel on the amp though lol? :P)
3) Buy an amp that gives both nice clean sound and nice gain, but PROBABLY doesnt stand out in either of them? And use pedals once more??
4) Buy an amp that just rocks in both of these things? Does this exist?

My band is going in a doom-ish way; 60% clean parts and 40% very slow and heavy parts sort of. The amp shud take pedals well since im experimting with all kind of pedals to use on the clean channel (influence of post-rock genre i guess :p)

I was already looking to some fender and orange amps, but thought i ask here since i have NO experience on amps really... (Still using my first amp atm) Ofcourse, i will go test out the amps in the music store (if they have) but without knowing what i want it seems like a never-ending quest

I hope u guys understand what the issue is! Thanks in advance

Price = max 1500 (or a bit higher). Preferably a bit lower so i can save up for a better guitar ><
thats pretty broad there.
what kind of pedals?what kind of guitar?

experimentation is the best thing-music stores just love it....

what i will tell you is that for pedals you will want a tube amp.
solid state & modeling amps tend not to take pedals well.

i'd say c)- but a good amp that does both well & add the pedals to accentuate an already good amp.
What currency?
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where abouts do you live? $1500 is a good budget fro some great finds on CL.
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marshall jcm 800 thats all you need
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currency = euro
Pedals = experimenting with delays/reverb/flanger/ on clean, for heavier sounds i duno yet, cuz i havent tried the HM-2 yet, im using a turbo rat atm but it dissapoints me :p

Guitar = gonna buy a new one in the months to come, prolly ESP duno yet
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marshall jcm 800 thats all you need

doom metal

OP, your best bet would be something like an Orange, or a Matamp, depending on where you live.

Since you're in Europe, check out ENGL, particularly the Powerball II (not the regular Powerball, it has trouble cutting through the mix) the Fireball and the Savage or Blackmore.
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I will go check out these amps in the music store, if i end up buying one, i'll let you know!
(I also got suggested to check out the Mesa single rectifier amps)