I am looking into getting a multiFx pedal and I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. The 2 choices being the DigiTech RP255 and the Line 6 Floor Pod. Which one do you all recommend? Have you had any good/bad experiences with either one? I like the fact that the DigiTech comes with recording software. Let me know what you guys think.

Both are good, but I'd go with the Line 6 Floor POD, what with all the direct out abilities and whatnot. Should be able to use it for recording direct too. I've just always heard people rant about the POD series
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id go with the line6. and it probably has recording software too that you can get from the website. only thing i don't like about line 6 is that there's too much stuff to fiddle with to get your sound, but the sound is great on it.
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Both units have a direct out feature (i.e. amp/mixer selection).

I'm inclined towards the RP255 because of the loop sampler and USB interface for programming presets and recording. However I like the extra footswitch and control layout better on the Pod. But IMO the RP is the one to go with.