Looking for a halfstack that can do modern metal with good cleans if possible. Have a budget of around £1500 for both head and cab. Normally I'd be all for a combo but I'd prefer the flexibility of a halfstack so that I can swap cabs in the future and it's easier to transport than larger combos. Preferrably tube and loud enough to gig with in small to medium sized venues.

As there is a lack of decent music stores around my area I can't try before I buy so as much advice as can be given would be incredibly helpful.

The two amps I've been looking at have been the peavey 6505 and the orange rockerverb. I've watched videos of both and love the tone of both the amps.

For the cab I was thinking just a Harley Benton G412A vintage until I can upgrade at a later stage.

Any help would be much appreciated
if you can afford a rockerverb, get it. it will sound so much nicer than the 6505. the cleans on a 6505 are kinda crappy. and the orange is just a much nicer amp.
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the 6505 is pretty much the perfect metal amp imo.

also look at a mesa single rectifier
I'm into playing very dissonant sounding riffs so high gain with a great deal of clarity would be needed. Would both these amps supply that?
Any particular model to check out? I've heard of them before but haven't done much research on them
sig x in your budget. if you need channel switching
d120 if you are cool with a one channel no effects loop
memphis if you want the best combo ever made.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I would need channel switching and the only uk dealer for Fryette has the sig x for £1749, which is more than I have to spend considering I need a cab with this budget.
A Mesa rectifier will have tons of gain on tap. You might not even need a pedal with it. the 6505 has a lot of gain as well. I mean they are originally based on the Eddie Van Halen design, so that will give you a good idea of what your getting. Although i've been told the 6505 has less gian than the 5150