I need a good cheap (maybe under $50) Mic so I can record my Acoustic, Violin, and Vocals. Does anyone have any advice, cause i'm kinda lost when it comes to mics.
Shure SM57. It's like $90-100, but it's GREAT quality for the price. Seriously, spend the extra 50 bucks. It's made for instrumental acoustic recording, but it sounds decent for vocals too. It sounds good micing an amp too.
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go with a Shure PG58. they are just the cheaper version on the SM58.

1st of all.... no.

2nd of all.... this is a terrible idea.

To the OP:

It really depends on what kind of quality you want. if you want high quality, good recordings, cheap and good do not go in the same sentence. That also depends on your definition of cheap.

You said under $50. This will not get you a good mic period, let alone a good multi-purpose microphone.

For the things you listed (acoustic, violin, and vocals) a good condenser microphone will do what you want, but you will not get one for under $100-$150. And that would be bare minimum.
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Pretty much what Brendan said. You can get a mic for $50 but you will get exactly what you pay for...not a lot. The SM57 is a workhorse and will sound passable on a lot of things although for what you'll be recording it's probably worth spending a bit more on a condenser mic. It will serve you for much longer than a pishy little piece of rubbish tin-can mic. Put that little bit extra in, it's not a lot in the grand scheme of things.
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cheapest thing i would pick up for that is the mxl 990/991 pack. combination of the two mics sounds nice on acoustics, and the 990 works fine for vocals. i can imagine that using the 991 or both mics together would work well on violin. the 990 is nice for the lower end, and the 991 works for the top end. solid pair of mics, even if neither is great on their own.

the other option i would look at for cheap is the audio technica at2020. havent tried it myself but it is supposed to work really nicely on acoustics and vocals. i would think it would translate to violin as well, but maybe not. frequency response of it looks like it should suit it.
Assuming theres no electronic instruments (EX. Amps) get the 990/991 pack. I highly recommend it too.
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