Hey UG,

This look like the right place to be talking about this so here goes.

I have this riff and i think it has potential but cant find a way to fit it around a song or any progressions

tempo: moderate


the is more to the riff but im lazy if you like it il finish it

but i was wondering i have this riff but cant wrap it around a song what would you do?
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If I make up a riff I usually imagine how I put it in the song,what riff is gonna be the opening,will it be the riff for the singing too,will I have 2 guitars?Will they play the same riff?
Stuff like that.
Usually I make an intro,then I play the riff I made up a couple of times,Then It's where I think the singing should get in so I either change riff or stay with this one.
You need to be creative,try to play the same but 2 frets up alot of people do it and it works.
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I'd have the rythem guitar keep playing the chords and mutes you have, and make the lead play the walking line in its designated spot, like it's a solo or something.
Make it a twelve bar blues maybe? Kick that riff up to D, then E and back to A.
Oh yeah.

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but i was wondering i have this riff but cant wrap it around a song what would you do?

I would forget about it and write something else. Come back to it later if and when you are inspired enough to finish it.
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Well you know the key (A major). So you know what chords are ordinarily used in that key. Randomly pick some and play in random order. Now your song is finished.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
id be willing to help write more but i play in drop c if i could incorporate this into that tuning would you be interested?
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