ok, so im working on learning this one song that has alot of sweeping and you have to strech your hand to get all the notes (vela, together we await the storm by the human abstract), after playing it a few times, even at around half speed, my hand starts to cramp up. anything i can do for this? or do i just have to work through it and build up the muscles in my hands?
thanks ug.
Just keep practicing and fight through it. My hand cramps up every once in a while too. Try holding your hand in different positions maybe, see what feels best. But usually it's just something you gotta battle through.
yeah lol not sure what else i could do about it. have to play 5^10^5 on the e-string every like 2 beats and then 6^11^6 a few times.
Work on stretches for the intro sweeps, and practice holding the strings as lightly as possible to stop the cramps.

Other than that, just practice for edurance.
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