hey UG,

well now i got new AMP and making a distortion pedal on my on xD.

well i work 10 hours a day and counting 6 hours of sleep + the time i need to rest and get ready i say i got 4-6 hours available for practice daily.

im a rookie , bin playing from feb 2009 .

i know all basic chor shapes and bare chords and a few scales.

in my quest to find a good guitar teacher in my city i found nothing .
im really confused on what to practice and how to make up my practice routine.

would someone guide me or help me out on making a practice routine ?

it would be really nice if experienced players can help me out .
I would pick up a guitar world mag or two they sometimes have some cool little lessions and such. or try some of the stickys
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Learn and play songs with interesting guitar parts from bands you like that are a bit above your level. I don't know which musical genres you like but if you say you are a rookie you could start with learning some ACDC, Zeppelin and maybe already some Metallica (first album).
That's the way I did it, I've been playing for 4 years and I've only bothered to learn the names of scales and patterns a year ago because I didn't need them. I already knew which notes I could play in which chord progressions from learning riffs and solos from my favourite bands!
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what i do for use lessons off UG if i know what i want to learn otherwise i pick a really difficult song and if i need to learn a technique like sweeping or tapping, then if theres nothing to do learn some theory or improvise over song riffs... i usually make plans in the morning until noon but thats just my way of practicing
The big thing I can suggest is play what you love. Play/practice material that is going to keep you amped up to play the guitar every day. Also challenge yourself. A great idea I've picked up is to pick 3 songs: First song: a song you love that is easy enough to learn in a week or so. 2nd song: something that requires you to work on a specific technique example: Statesboro Blues by the Allman Bros. would be good because of the slide work. 3rd song: a barnburner. Something that is going to take you a long time to master. This would be something like "Caprici Di Diablo" by Yngwie or something like that. The big thing with these songs is that you should feel like you would kill to learn them.

I hope this helps!!!