Ok so I'm looking to reconfigure my effects chain. Finally got a workable tone from the gain channel of my VK, so wanting to rebuild my pedals around it.

Currently I've got a Line6 M13 running into a Boss DD-7, with the Ernie Ball Volume Pedal after all these to fade out the loops from the M13.

However, having now put the looper through the gain channel, most of it comes out too muddy and indistinct. I could turn the gain down, but then I need to use pedals to create my OD tone, and it doesn't sound as natural.

So, my main question:

Should I put the M13 through the effects loop? Obviously on the plus side it'll clean up the loops and delays on the gain channel, but again means any OD pedals used are ran there instead of directly between the guitar and the amp.

I'm also asking because I'm planning to get an Orange Tiny Terror, and since it has no effects loop or clean channel I'm slightly worried I'll be unable to use my looper. I'm planning to do some Russian Circles-esque music with just me and a drummer, so having a clean and distinct loop is fairly vital for building the songs layer by layer (in fact what do RC do with their looper pedals? Are they ran on a seperate amp or put in the gain channel or...?).

So yes, any advice appreciated.

TLDR: Want to use gain channel but the loops become indistinct. How do I keep a clean, distinct loop while still using the natural OD of the amp?

Hope that post made sense...
you can split the dist/od's in the M13 to the amp, and all the other effects can go to the effects loop.