Dude, how long did it take to make that song? O_O
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Asking the Pit to play this is kinda like asking the guy who makes suggestive gay jokes if he wants to have sex with a man.
pow.. er, prog metulz =D

Intro - Pretty!

Enter drums - They're entered :-]

Small melody - Really nice melody

Verse thing - Very nice

Add keyboard - It's added :-]

Harmonies - Not sure if sawtooth works here, but it sounds nice (the melody)

Distort it - Yep, distorted

3p1c - Pretty epic alright, it's good

Clean break - Nice

Clean verse - Nice

Spooks - I didn't like it, but nice transition to..

Rawr! - Hated it, but I'm biased against breakdowns, might just be that

Transition - See Rawr

Almost a breakdown - See Transition

Solo - Oh **** yeah \m/ very nice solo!

Let's calm down - OK :-] very pretty section, loved the Keyboard[78-81]

.. with a piano lead - Really nice

Change - Good

Polyrhythmic - Not good

Piano-sweep - Good!

Catchy - Really good!

Chaos - Really good!

Order - Good

Solo - More of a transition imho

Verse/pre-chorus - Pretty!

Chorus/outro - Really pretty!

Cheesy - Really nice!

Overall - Amazing song, this is definitely something I'd enjoy listening to. I loved every single section, save for the breakdowns, but I really hate breakdowns (because they're not metuhlz, see). Great job, and thanks for the crit!
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