I got bored today, so I recorded this, and did some interesting things with my track mixing. I seem to write the coolest stuff when I improv, so I wanted to find a way to make it sound beast by just single tracking...I think I found the secret.

Anyway, what do ya'll think? Did I make it sound beast?


C4C as always.


Yeah, I like it. Wait, no over the top 80's shred attempt? OMG!
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Nice man, was that just you alone or were you with a few buddies? (referring to Guitar).
Did you write the drums yourself?
I like the riff and rhythm 48 seconds in. Really cool, If this was improv its even more impressive.

You said you single tracked this? It def. sounds multi-tracked so a +1 for that. Its hard to get such a deep and powered town when recording with a single track.

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Yeah, but it's not any ordinary Squier, I call it the "Jet Fueled Squier" cause it's blacked out now, has a BareNuckle Painkiller in the bridge(heart and soul of this guitar) DiMarzio Area 58' in the middle, Area 61' in the neck, and about $200 worth of other upgrades in hardware.

But I've had the guitar since I started playing guitar, it's seen hell and back.