hey.someone gave me a program called - ZFX tools - .apparently it`s supposed to be used with a zoom multieffect... i installed the program and it looks kinda amateur.it looks like it`s made more for f.....g around then for "serious" home recording.any oppinion?
Zoom equipment is really good on the whole, but ZFX isn't a particularly good piece of software. If you are after 'serious' recording you would be better off even using Line 6 Podfarm for the amplifier modellng. I think Zoom released ZFX only half-heartedly personally
and also, apparently a piece of software called - Abelton Live Lite 7 Zoom Edition - is also supposed to be on the same disc as zfx .I`ve heard that thats some great home recording software;you can use the program for diffrent instruments?so is this a better one or just a recording studio wannabe?