Seen this in store £300 and I likes it a lot

Any ideas on it guys? or washburns in general?


Ive never played one but have played many other Washburns in this general price range and have always found them to be competitive. The J28sdl is a great looking guitar in my opinion and has pretty good specs on paper too. Worth 300 pounds? If you like how it feels and sounds, I say go for it.
Dude, you don't have to tell me about the looks... dat quilted maple

thanks for the idea of washburns in general, lucky for me my store price matches internet things so if i'm lucky i can maybe get it around 280 or so, i'm hoping it will be my next acoustic - wages allowing .

Any more thoughts?

thx guys


i felt pretty let down when i tried it, but let's be fair - that's just my personal taste. for the money and considering it's got a solid top, you can't go far wrong.
I'm gunna try it a few more times and make sure that sexy back and sides isn't playing with my ears and make sure I like the feel