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Buy the xbox used.
19 54%
Buy the new xbox w/ less games.
16 46%
Voters: 35.
Would you do it - preowned really not used, full year warranty and such..

Personally I think buying used (especially with guitar amps and guitars to an extent) is great and lets you buy gear that's twice as good as what you'd get new..

Poll coming.


Just make sure he didnt get banned from Xbox live and it's worth it.
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With Xbox360 I'd make sure it's not from a batch which is prone to breaking down first, but otherwise buy used.
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it's not a guy it's actually from a shop and i'll be using my own old tag (I used to have an xbox but it was like brand new back when they cost £360 lols) and I've still got the HDD


One of the regulars in the gaming thread has a quote in his signature on this subject...

But with warranty, if it was on a great price yeah probably i would buy it.
luls Jay Dee i'm from leeds too..

And yeah like I said it has a year manufacturers warranty and it's basically 40 quid cheaper than a brand new one but as new (they have to test them and give the warranty so i'm not fussed if it breaks down after a year) and maybe I can get one cheaper cause i already have a drive


Make sure it's the Jasper Chip if you buy used. The 360's containing the Falcon Chips are the ones that get the RROD
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Cool used it is, and i'll look into that jasper chip stuff


I always buy used if I can find what I want, Guitars, Amps, cars whatever, but try to find them in good shape. Why throw away cash on something that becomes "used" the moment you first use it.
Buying a used Xbox is even more risky than buying a new. Those consoles breaks down easily.
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Just make sure he didnt get banned from Xbox live and it's worth it.

This. If someone gets banned on an Xbox then that unit is pretty much useless from then on - regardless of new hard drive and whatnot.
Honestly, people have a hard enough time keeping their new ones from breaking, and plus, the new ones that are out have all sorts of stuff older ones just don't have. Plus as it was before, you run the risk of it being banned from XBL.
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