Hey everyone,
So, I've been looking everywhere for informations and opinions about the Yamaha F-20 Amp, and I just can't find any, all that I have is this picture of it http://images02.olx.com.mx/ui/1/66/05/1176105_1.jpg
I was thinking about buying it, it was gonna be my 1st amp ever.
So if anyone has an information about it, please feel free to share it.
Especially about its distorsion and effects, and what kind of music genres is it suitable for
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I know the old F series were very comparable to the Roland JC. (I think it was the F series)

No idea how the new ones live up to the name though.
@ russianmetal11 : lol.. seriously dude, lol... I'm not dumb, with all do respect don't you think that I used google before coming here to post this ? I saw all those things, all the available informations about this amp are kinda useless, they can describe any other Yamaha amp. What I'm really looking for is real opinions of people who tried this amp.

@ beckyjc : thanks for your response, but if that's true, I guess that the F series, like the Roland JC, aren't very suitable for metal
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Yeah thanks for your suggestion. But I can't make up my mind about which Peavey Vypyr to choose, I watched a lot of videos about them and read many articles and tests, and the Vypyr 15 seems like a nice choice for a beginner who's looking for a good low budget amp suitable for metal. Thanks again.
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