how tight do i need to crank my Floyd's saddles? they are starting to get stripped out when i change strings because i really crank em down. is this necessary?
no. you're cranking them too hard & it's probably too late if they're stripped.
bottom line- when tuned & locked down- a floyd rose( a real one,not the licensed)can fine tune to 1/2 of 1/2 step.
say you're in A440 & you want to tune to A flat-the floyd will only go 1/2 that far locked down on the fine(bridge) tuners.

oops- i misread that..

tune & stretch your strings to where you want them making sure all the stretch is out- then lock them down.
but as far as the rest- anything beyond 1/4 pitch off- you will have to unlock the nut & try again.
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do it so that its snug,, you don't really need them super tight. I'm not sure what that dude up there is on about^, since you didn't say anything about tuning.
If the screws get stripped out you can get replacement screws. If it's the little blocks, those are replaceable too. I'm sure stew-mac or all parts has both of them.
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so do i stop when there finger tight, just after that or what?

depending on dust/finger grease etc.. yeah. unstring it & count threads,i know it sounds stupid but you want that up or down fine tuning i mentioned...in the middle

a Floyd is like algebra or a good woman-you have to learn the sweetspot.
you'll learn it. 3 spins up to tight or 3 down to freespin-you'll learn it.
the best thing is to stretch the strings until you're not going out of tune w/out the locking nut. when you do lock down expect to be a bit above your desired pitch so start off w/ your fine tuners a bit tight so you can lower a bit.

it's a frikkin' learning curve & a half- if you're a beginner guitarist i'd suggest take the bar out & play w/out that thing and the nut open or get a 2nd guitar w/ a hardtail bridge & learn how to play before getting into the intricacies of a floyd.