I just bought a Dean EAB acoustic bass. It sounds great, all except the E string, which hits the bridge and makes a buzzing sound. Please help.
The string, it makes a vibrating sound when plucked. the sound comes from the bridge. As if the saddle is causing it. And everything feels fine and tight.
I've had buzzing in the past which seemed to be coming from the bridge. I found in one case the buzz was originating in the preamp housing. The other was a nut inside the bass that tightened the insert for the end pin.
I took the strings off, and still nothing. I have fret buzz now. What strings do you recommend for acoustic bass. I am rather new to bass, but I now basic things. And thanks for the help thus far.
^^ It's possible the truss rod pulled your neck back a little bit when you took off the strings causing the new buzz. Give it a day or so and see if the tension from the strings pulls the neck forward again.
I've been using LaBella black nylon tape wounds on both my ABG's for several years now. Haven't felt any need or desire to look elsewhere. Oh, and if finger noise on your ABG bothers you, tape wound strings, regardless of brand, eliminates it.