Why the sudden switch between "Ur" and "youre'?

Totally broke the flow of your presentation, brahsheesh.
Not a Lord of the Rings fan, but I do believe that "Ur gay" is some sort of foul creature? It's quite hard to make any sense out of this.


Smell that? smells like your getting banned, I love the smell of getting banned in the morning
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Thanks, douche.

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mmm.... i love the smell of trolls being burned in the morning.....
For a heart of ice,
a winters night is a breathless kiss,

For a heart of fire,
a summers day is a lovers embrace.

"ohh a piece of candy!!!"

EDIT: how does post times jump from 3:06 to 6:05 when this is like a brand new thread?


oh wait this gai gawt banned a while ago

d00d tim3fuck
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